Boys boys boys, they are still a constant theme with our Bridget, but we have them ranging in age from her young son all the way through to an old guy who hits on her when she’s at her mum’s cruise slideshow event. Not just 1 leading man, but a entire cast of them. I choose the audio book version of Helen Fielding’s Mad About The Boy from Audible, as this makes for a lovely journey to work and no more wasted time on the commute.

The structure takes a bit of getting used to as it is a diary; the constant date & time update is excessive but you get into it and then it flows. Bridget is older and not a lot wiser but more at ease with herself. When I read the first books, I was a young woman at school, and now 29 more her age in The Edge of Reason. The book really conveys you are only as old as you allow yourself to feel or the person you are feeling in some cases. In her 50’s, I still have stuff in common with the heroine, and she lets you know you are okay even if you are not all that together. She is fun, sexy, and desirable, even if she does not believe it at first.

She is joined by some old faces, her loyal if not slightly unusual/ drunk friends and Daniel is still in her life while others sadly aren’t. Read by Samantha Bond, a sexy seductive voice represents Bridget very well and you really get drawn into her life and relationships.  I do not want to give away any wonderful twists to her story but as before Bridget finds love and figures out life looses the love and then, well you will have to getting listening to find out the rest.