So, Nelly is back with a brand new LP and the killer tune that is Get Like Me ft Nicki Minaj and Pharrell Williams. Even though this is a technically a Nelly track, Nelly’s been pushed to the background by Minaj’s towering verse and the simplistic yet fizzy production of Pharrell.

Putting Nicki and Pharrell together could be seen as an odd pairing, Minaj with her fiery, in your face lyrics against Pharrell’s laid back effortlessly cool style looks wrong on paper. Here it works so well, Minaj rises to the occasion – ironically, by sitting down and leaning back. Sadly Nelly has been muscled out of his own track but it makes for one hell of a bad ass tune!

The one downside is that get Get Like Me feels a touch to long but that’s what you get when three heavy weights battle it out within one track.