Now that our gracious editors have given me an account by which I can post with reckless abandon, I intend to make them regret that decision more than their first Hanson album (I thought Three Car Garage was great by the way, which is EXACTLY why I should be running this thing…) by introducing a new, hopefully recurring, but certainly unpredictable post I’d like to call “Puddles On…”

The basic gist is pretty simple. I send my good friend and Young Jeezy aficionado Puddles one song a week that I love, but I’m pretty sure he’ll hate. Then we talk about it, and I pass it along to you. What you see is what I got, and pursuant to Pudds’ code is only the realest of talk.

See, we grew up together just outside Hartford, CT and even though he’s since moved down to Charlotte, you just can’t take a man’s love for the most ignorant rap ever created out of him that easily. As Chris Rock once said, “Whatever music was playing when you started getting laid, is the music you’ll love for the rest of your life.” As such, I’m confident we’ll be bumping Purple Haze when we bury Puddles alongside an ample supply of dutches and multiple copies of XXL, sending him out ALL the way turnt up.


At any rate, for this inaugural installment of “Puddles On…”, I decided to go with the track “Penitentiary” by Houndmouth. I imagine sharing a record label (Rough Trade) with Ed Sharpe and the Alabama Shakes is cool. I bet making your television debut on Conan last month wasn’t bad either. And I’m sure that appearing at Bonnaroo, Newport Folk Fest, and Lollapalooza this summer is great, but my boy Puddles isn’t as easily impressed.

Keep working hard Houndmouth, and maybe turn up the female vocals a touch…


image (1)

Puddles likes his eggs over easy, his Starbucks hazelnut macchiatos iced, and his genres of music kept distinctly separate. Don’t bring that weak folky shit around here, someone’s likely to get hurt.

Until next time.