Who are They?

Ever heard of TaxiRun? Well, you should have, because they are the hottest band making big waves in South East London. They have a fresh indie rock energy which is truly revealed when they perform live. Adam, Sam, Chris and Simon are all talented musicians and each bring their individual traits to the bands table, influences include Kings of Leon, Enter Shikari, Coldplay and Jimi Hendrix, but brought together they create the original, fresh sound that is TaxiRun.


What Do They Sound Like?

Cool, calm, collected and incredibly tight indie rock is the sound of TaxiRun but their stage show is anything but. The amount of energy that this band give off is awe-inspiring, I saw them play at a local festival in 30 plus degree heat, still TaxiRun went for it. Thrashing and jumping around the small stage, Chris ‘The Bear’ with his trade mark bass neck hammer move, the band gave everything they had to the shockingly small crowd, considering the quality of the music.


Their latest track, ‘Inches’ is a tune that screams bounce with us as loud as it can into the ears of the audience, there’s even a tiny but satisfying heavy riff in the middle of the chorus. It’s a classic young band song of big sounds.

Other songs show TaxiRun to be a cut above the rest, sounding much like an early Arctic Monkeys track ‘Super Powers’ especially with lines like “It’s raining dogs, the cats didn’t even come”. Adam’s vocals are pure in every track, he sounds like the kind of guy that you’d meet at a party, casually telling you of his past and thoughts. He’s style fits well into the band and does well as TaxiRun’s spokesman on stage.

Final Verdict

TaxiRun are a brilliant young band, and with plans to release their debut single/EP in the summer of this year, they really are a band to watch for the future!