Summertime Melancholy. If I was to describe the exact feeling I get listening to Johnnyswim, that’s what it would be. Husband-and-wife team Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez (daughter of the late Donna Summers), make up the two blissfully complimentary halves of the band. Her soulful rasp and his warm, honey-like vocals are set against the backdrop of bluesy-folk guitar riffs which are at times not dissimilar to those of John Mayer. Together these things make a wholly beautiful and original sound.

They met in Nashville back in 2001 when Abner set his eyes on Amanda after church and she proceeded to blow him off, not seeing each other again for another four years. It was later in 2005 that they started to spend time together and ever¬†since then these two have been writing, singing, and touring ever since. So if you please, sit back, close your eyes and feel the languid sunshine as you enjoy this track, ‘Annie’, off their Heart Beats EP.