When I started to listen to Cheryl Strayed’s Tiny Beautiful Things, I thought it was a bit sad as I was expecting something to the likes of Sex & the City… What I found was something a lot more real.

Advice from Cheryl to a young writer

Advice from Cheryl to a young writer.

Cheryl Strayed (Sugar) reads the letter’s she has received over the years of doing the advice column and the replies she’s sent. These are real people’s lives and problems with real advice from Cheryl. Her insights come from her own life experiences as she had never studied psychology but has some very supportive advice.

Nothing came easy to Cheryl, and that’s what she brings across. Life is hard and the best bits generally do not come easily to most or in fact even come early on in life. She has insights about starting out life poor, not finishing her degree till later in life, loving once and then later finding the one and about losing her mother too early.

I quickly noticed  from all these stories that initially freak you out and sadden you; there are bits of information for everyone to take. Even if you have not lost a parent or been in a love triangle the advice Cheryl gives can be adapted to your own life. Listening to Cheryl’s collection of advice column’s the week before I turned 29 gave me great insights into not needing to have achieved everything by now plus not pressuring myself and my loved ones to chase this imaginative dream.

This was my first audio book I bought on Audible. It was easy, and in 4 hours travel time I had finished my book. You get to enjoy the time on your commute. I have seen one lady on the tube looking like crying while having her headphones on and then the next minute smiling widely; I then knew she was listening to an audio book. They transport you to another world for a moment’s escapism.