With yesterday having been America’s 237th birthday, we had to go for the most ‘Merican of adult beverage for this week’s drink of the weekend. Now, I was thinking something along the lines of an Alexander Valley Cab to do a best of, or a Monticello AVA Viognier to represent the father of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. However, that would have been the USA of 1776, when a bunch of Toffs decided to take up their arms against the German King and the only man to battle Neville Chamberlain and Gordon Brown for the title of worst Prime Minister in the history of the United Kingdom (Lord North). They won, obviously, since July 4th isn’t Guy Fawkes Day, Summer Edition.


Now, in the two+ centuries following the late unpleasantries (first edition) between the United States and the United Kingdom, a number of things have changed. The industrial revolution brought European immigrants to America, and they brought lager and hops, and it was good. Then there was idiotic practice of Prohibition, and it was God-awful. American booze became like their Men’s (Field) Hockey team, not really talked about. From this crap, came a uniquely ‘Merican creation: Cheap beer based on corn. Bud(weiser) is the best known of these, but it is the worst ‘beer’ not from Mexico that I’ve ever drinken. No, America has a true King of the Shitty beers, and it’s called Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Pabst Blue Ribbon: purchase cans, bottles, or a keg of PBR (ideally you want TallBoy cans for authenticity’s sake), figure out how much ice you think you need, buy double that amount of ice, and chill the PBR until just above it’s freezing point. Anything beyond 2-3 degrees above freezing will allow you to taste the beer; for the love of God, do not let that happen.