London unbutton your top collar, this summer’s sizzler of a show has arrived in Southbank’s Wonderland. This is freak show chic with a hot, and I mean hot twist. A circus-meets S&M magic show, Wonderland’s Limbo hits the note with London’s thirst for the next thing to see. Needless to say Limbo has received a roaring reaction, and being in the most suitable venue imaginable, its the perfect evening out. If you haven’t yet visited the Wonderland or Udderbelly Festival- get yourselves, your friends, your loved ones and that date you want to impress, to this fantastic summer venue. A little tips for the drinkers here, the cider tent is fabulous, so worth arriving early and staying late!

This is a big statement, but this may be my favourite show sensation of 2013, with acts not only defying convention but frequently defying gravity. This has a little bit for everyone, even the hardest to please, all performed seamlessly by a host of sexy/bizarre talented artists. Sexy/bizarre is good.

What to say without giving the game away on this surprise-a-minute show? Favourite thrills included the tantalising balance acts, of which there are many and none that disappoint; acrobats like you only find in Russia; excellent dance numbers; a man who is more-than-double-double-jointed; a sexy sword swallowing, fire breathing dancer (breathe, boys, breathe); a man who can make pole dancing look ridiculously hot, and a burlesque style swing act with chains.


This is a jam packed pick and mix of amusement. Limbo takes the audience through a journey, one moment’s laughter tuns to another moment’s suspense, with an undercurrent of filth, just as one would hope for.. I gasped, I laughed, I squirmed with delight, gawped at feats of the impossible and walked away thoroughly entertained.

Finally I must also draw attention to the brilliant band, as this is a musical performance that delivers the type of ambience that will transform your night from a good show to a ‘did I take something funny and land in la-la-land’ type evening. There’s an accordion and a tuba- enough said.

Limbo has been designed and delivered with the type of perfect humour, sincerity and precision that you can only sit and be in awe of.