Let’s take a leap into an AW13 style experience of a different kind. Thanks to Homebase we were taken on a literary journey through their AW13 collection. Our first stop was Sherlock Homes’ home, this collection is Anthology, with nature’s elements, rich dark colours and various textures such as leather, velvet and textured knits used in upholstery, pillows and other pieces leaves you with a sense of comfort and luxury at the same time.

Sherlock Homes Lounge

Sherlock Homes Lounge

The first pieces that stood out was the new Akari furniture range, it has a heavy, dark stained wood with chrome handles and tapered legs. I loved the drinks cabinet that was high enough off the floor so little hands do not find their way in as well as the tall boy that can be used versatility between bedrooms, office or lounge. It is clear that the inspiration of the collection came from travel, history, flora and fauna and other elements that came be seen from the smallest pieces to the stunning furnishings.

We saw Sherlock’s bedroom, dining room and lounge area whilst we heard him play us some music on his violin. Also in this room sits Peggy a patch work of fabric options that can be now be ordered in a sofa, chair and foot stool after so many customers request to buy the show chair. Each room had an actor to enhance the special feeling of being in a certain time and place.

From the moment I stepped into the space I got quit a beach/ cottage feel. That relaxed feeling that the mineral colours and rustic finishes on wood give you. For this space Emma from One day is our host and she is sat at her dining room table (trying to look like a picnic table) while we walk around her space. This collection is name Revival for its sense of taking old ideas and modernising them. The coffee table/ chest with one panel that lifts up to create a storage space or the chest of drawers that is actually a new take on the bureau for those bits you need out but don’t need on show.



Scented garden has a candyfloss, light, whimsical feeling to it and greeted by a Rubicon Blue host and the mad hatter himself. It was a tea party to be proud of, with bunting over head to show some of the 169 new wall papers on show. The colour palette was all sorbet with cupcake decor leaving the room fresh and inviting.

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Mad Hatters Tea Party

For me the habitat room had a very arts and crafts feeling to it, from the wonderful rope poufs to the best selling Wallace floor lamp. The AW13 is a rival of the classic pieces that you know and love. Comfort is paramount and the colours are lovely and subtle lemon and olive green. The bedding has a distinct retro feel following through to the lighting which is just wonderful. The woven basket like shield was my favourite.  The host of the room was very proud of the brand and the designers involved, she was very forth coming with the information of the pieces and inspirations.

The Cookshop range was divided into four sections, the first, Baking Days, is the most relevant for me as it fits into fashion’s summer collections such as seen in Joy with Mulholland Drive. Fresh sorbet colours, an old school flour sifter that takes you right back to the 50’s when skirts were wide and woman stayed at home. The collection also supports the growing popularity of baking at the present moment.  Moving on the revival has the same tone and feel of the revival collection of the furnishing; they sit well besides each other as seen in the One Day room. It has stone, Chicago blue and bamboo tones with the use of animal prints, basically bringing the outside in.

‘Colourama’ takes the best selling themes flowers and red and combined it to make a fun print that is used on various kitchen items. It is about pop colours that make for a quick update to your kitchen without over-haling the entire area.

Metro has a clean living, city feel, the main colours are white and black and silver. This kitchen has a utility feel to it, and if I am honest I can see bachelor choosing it. Farmhouse is the opposite, with comfort and warm colours of cream, yellow and red. You have toast holders and egg tray’s, everything you can see in a farm breakfast setting. This style would be more for a family home where everyone gathers at meal times.

I felt that this was a visual delight from the first room to the last.  If you wanted press to stay focused and write amazing reviews this was a sure fire way to achieve that. When the product drops in store there are a few piece I know I will be picking up.