Sup hot stuffs, it’s been a while since my last post so I wanted to make sure I don’t waste your time with some mediocre band or single review. Right then, last night if you did not already know the YEAH YEAH YEAHS! and on-line music company “Noisy” hosted a live listen along to the very much long awaited follow up to 2009’s  “It’s a Blitz”.

Having spent the past few years writing plays and guest starring in “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” theme tune, it’s been mostly very quiet on the new music front from the YYYs.  But finally the wait is over and we get to smash into “Mosquito” which is set for release in June this year.

Now the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have never been ones for doing things on the down-low and this album is no different. With a strong mixture of heavy rock and hard hitting revert sounds. Mosquito creates a jump into what promises to be an exciting year for the group touring the world and getting back into the swing of things, providing the listener with that familiar sound but showing a different direction in terms of feel.

It’s clear to see the progression of the band and music as they experiment with future music sounds and compiling their own genre of heavy rock dance, of which only the Yeah Yeahs are capable of pulling off.

I hope you enjoy it, and so without any more blabbering get your ears buried into the new world of music.

My personal stand out tracks from this album are Sacrilege, Wedding Song and Subway. But please send me your thoughts in the comments section below.

Seriously if you have not heard of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs get out from under that rock! HA Much Love.