This is Jack the Giant Slayer IN GLORIOUS 3D! Yeah, as everybody knows, 3D is the ultimate marketing ploy. It’s not like story and characters matter to these guys anymore. But that isn’t always the case with all 3D movies, whether the film has good or bad 3D. So the question is does Bryan Singer manage to pull-off a good or at least enjoyable movie?

What’s Jack the Giant Slayer about? Based on the original fairy tales, Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant Killer, young Jack (played by the zombie-boy Nicholas Hoult) is a farm boy whose life changes when, like in the original story, Jack gets some magic beans in exchange for his horse (a cow in the original fairy tale) and the beans get thrown out of the house after Jack gets scolded. He also develops a crush on Princess Isabelle (played by Eleanor Tomlinson) and like any Princess who wants her freedom (what? don’t they always?), Isabelle runs away and finds herself in Jack’s house. As it rains, one of the beans immediately grows into a beanstalk, carrying away the house and the Princess into the sky, and dropping Jack to the ground. Now with the help of the noble knight Elmont (played by Ewan McGregor) the mission is to save the Princess from the army of giants lead by the two-headed Fallon (played by Bill Nighy and John Kassir). Also in the film is the King’s advisor Lord Roderick (played by Stanley Tucci) who designs a plan to gain power (don’t they all?).

As you already know, I LOOOVE fairy tales. I really go NUTS for them. And right now fairy tales are appearing everywhere in Hollywood. It’s really common now to find these fairy tale films given a modern twist or especially “updating” them either into an action flick or an epic, such as Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. So what do I think of this adaptation of the classic fairy tale?

Probably awesome. Probably stupid.

Dunno. Didn’t watch it.

Yeah. April Fools everybody.