It appears to me that a lot of the great dreamy electro has been coming out of Scandinavia for some time now, Musique Le Pop are no exception. Hailing from Norway’s east coast, the three piece deal in dreamy electro with a hint of wonky pop, sounding a bit like Baltimore’s Beach House. The group consists of long-time friends Christoffer Schou, Jon Kristian Furuheim and Elisabeth Thorsen.

Making a small name for themselves last year with their debut single ‘Time Changes’ , Musique Le Pop are back with their latest single ‘Turn To Sand’ ahead of their EP this summer. There is a delicious sad disco feel to the track, Thorsen’s vocals glide over the dreamy electro keyboards and the slightly reverbed drums bring a Pet Shop Boys vide, that’s just on the right side of 80’s electro.

The B-side ‘We Can Be Good’ is an acoustic lead pure pop song. Much more of a feel good track (maybe making up for the lonely disco of ‘Turn To Sand’). Staring with the lines “I want to make you a cup of tea”, I thought that the group had gone too cutesy, but as the electro stomp comes in all the fear recedes and the track morphs into a feel good pop song. This is the kind of song that could soundtrack a sunny care free wonder with the girlfriend.

I look forward to the EP in the summer Musique Le Pop!