After writing about my own fashion transition to how my dress-sense has developed, I wanted to look at some other people’s journey and share that. As I see it you become more yourself and grow into your style as you go through life. My friend, Caroline has shared some information with me about her fashion past.

At 5 years old she packed herself some shorts and a T-shirt to change into at her grandparent’s anniversary luncheon, because of her disdain for the frilly dresses her mom dressed her in. This was not her, as she was more comfortable in boy-ish clothing. She recalls her flairs and platform boots much like those the Spice Girls rocked in the 90’s.

Not Caroline, but what I picture writing this.

Her teenage years brought with it the grunge inspiration that went with the music of our generation. LInkin Park, System of the Down and Prodigy; and you wearing baggy skater pants, denim and tie dye. These are in yet again but this was a staple throughout most of us 80’s babies’ youth.

The 90’s

Now let’s Rave and see what happens!? This is a time when you want to break free from what is expected and become comfortable with your sexuality. The common dress is little crop tops and short skirts with comfortable shoes to dance the night away. Bikini tops, chaps and hot pants are not only practical because of the heat but you look hot and at ease.

Ready to rave

Everything we do affects the way we dress being a free spirit and a creative with heroes such as HR Giger, Dali, and Van Gogh would encourage one to wear clothing that is individual and truly you. This will vary from person to person; some may choose to keep up with trends others might break away from them completely. Caroline now wears her skirts a tad longer than in the raving days, but still has a certain sex appeal. Loving bold dresses, bright colours and baggy over pieces scream creative and that is just what she is.

Upon asking her if she thought a certain career would change the way she presented herself, she shared with us that the role she fills now does not require her to dress up or impress anyone. She can wear what she wants’ but she keeps it covered as to not attract unwanted attention from wandering eyes in the office. Looking forward to managing her own time when she spreads her wings at the end March and starts focusing on some new ideas and inspirations, I am sure that there will be changes in the way she dresses. But, one thing is certain; this girl will remain true to herself!