I am listening to old Bob Marley and the lyrics of This is Love got me thinking; “I want to love you and treat you right.” This is what I want from love and the man I spend my life with, to be treated right and share shelter, metaphorically speaking.

Now, as teenager’s we listened to a lot of Bob Marley, he chilled us out, without herbal aids, and was great to sing along to when partying. As I got older and was not just singing along to the tracks I found many answers and wisdom in his lyrics. How much of what we believe in comes from the music we listened to as kids, teens and even now…

What power lies with the artist’s of a generation, especially when they are the likes of Justin Bieber and One Direction? I was born in the 80’s but on route to church we used to listen to some golden oldies. When people started revolutionising music the parents of the time resisted it and said it would influence the children. Looking back we never understand because we see that the kids deserved the freedom to explore.

This led to free love and hippies travelling the world and not settling down, women working and mass independence. All good things, but when your 11 year old daughter is looking up to Rihanna smoking weed and selling her flesh, sorry I meant flashing her flesh, you do worry, right? Music, as always, does guide us and the youth of the nation, with shallow lyrics about ‘the boy checking you out’ what will we become?

This is not a slate on all music but popular music is what is reaching the masses and that is what is being preached. I would now like to make mention of Nneka, whose voice is amazing! She has not compromised her lyrics, plus Chase and Status have remixed her song Heartbeat, which you feel in your bones and your heart.

Sunset set’s D’aria Cape Town

Next time you lend your ear out to a tune think about what it is that you are allowing to become a part of you. They can sell just about anything by adding a catchy tune to it and a half dressed woman.