At one time or another, I think we have all felt like we’re tired of doing the right thing- like doing what we know we need to do just takes too much out of us.  What makes it harder is when we know that other people depend upon our actions- clients, patients, children, partners etc.  So what can we do?  Well, that’s where this track comes in; it presents the option of asking others to let us go so that we can surrender ourselves to the world that envelops us.

Family of the Year is a L.A.- based band made up of Welsh-born/Massachusetts-raised brothers Joseph and Sebastian Keefe as well as their friends Christina Schroeter, James Buckey, and Alex Walker.  In ‘Hero’ they perfectly showcase their skill at writing original melodies as well as performing male/female harmonies.  If you listen to any Indie or Singer-Songwriter music stations, you will most likely hear this song popping up every now and again.  If you don’t listen to any of those types of stations then I hope you enjoy your first glimpse of this band because I think they are pretty swell..

Much love, as always,