Giorgio Armani commits to male skin perfection with a new premium range: Armani Men. A name that goes straight to what is essential in masculine skincare – simplicity and power.

The Armani Men range features more advanced formulas. Both effective and a pleasure to use, thanks to an innovative alliance of powerful natural ingredients and science.

Just like wearing a destructured, comfortable, chic but subtle suit impeccably dresses a man, transforming his look by giving him an air of casual sensuality; the Armani Men’s line with its refined and pleasant textures was designed to be worn simply while endowing its wearing with a sense of strength and self confidence.

Giorgio Armani has combined the power of nature with a cutting edge technology to create the ultimate experience in masculine skincare. Armani Men: five complimentary and easy-to-use products for high-effective skincare. Use together for global benefits and discover younger looking, soft and revitalized skin.

Master Cleanser, Master Lotion, Perfect Master, Age Master, Eye Master… Just launched!