Ah, Prince Royce… Girls everywhere swoon at the sound of his voice when a song of his comes on.  This track is one of his most recent singles, and while it is not lyrically groundbreaking, it’s sweet and romantic (something I am a major sucker for- so yes, I do fall into that category of girls I just mentioned…)

Prince Royce aka Geoffrey Royce Rojas got his start in the Bronx, where he was very much in touch with his Dominican roots- thus, his interest in bachata.  Bachata is such a great type of Hispanic music and incredibly fun to dance to.  Prince Royce along with bands such as Aventura and Xtreme have popularized this genre in recent years.  (If you haven’t yet listened to any music by these such bands, I highly recommend it.)

Even though he only hoped to sell 5,000 records of his first eponymous album, he ended up being Certified Triple Platinum by the RIAA, snagged two Latin GRAMMY nominations, seven Premio Lo Nuestro Awards, four Premios Juventud Awards and four Latin Billboards (currently nominated for 12 more). He also ended up being the artist with the most #1s on Billboard’s 2011 Year End Charts; Quite impressive for a 23-year-old.

I hope you like his music as much as I do.  And if you have never heard his version of the classic Stand By Me PLEASE listen to it here – I may love it even more than the original 🙂

Anyways, much love, folks,