King of Conflict is the debut album by The Virginmarys, out on 4th February through DoubleCross Records. The Virginmarys consist of Ally Dickaty on guitar, Matt Rose on drums and Danny Dolan. All three of the band provide vocals but Ally is the lead, lending his gruff tones to the album.

King of Conflict is an out and out rock ‘n’ roll record, and a good one at that! Opening track ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ kicks the album into full power straight from the start, with its catchy distorted guitar riff and pounding drums before the band smash through and drop back into the verse. The first line is “I am the king of conflicts”, just to make sure you get the title right when telling your mates about this great new album you’ve heard.


The Virginmarys are not your bog standard rock ‘n’ roll band either, writing songs with themes that no stand band would think of, let alone know how to handle. ‘Portrait of Red’ gives thought to the theme of domestic violence from position of a male victim, but weirdly it sounds as if are Dickaty enjoys it “A pain from her hell, feels like a pain from my heaven” and the chorus being “Baby treat my body like a canvas” repeated over and over again. Whatever floats your boat guys.

‘Lost Weekend’ is the song that show’s off The Virginmarys to the best to their ability’s. The track starts life with a rumbling bass , muted guitar and hammer like drums, whilst Dickaty’s spoken vocal  is a confession calling for you to helping him out general. The track builds into the chorus with huge skull crushing guitar and great lyrics like “my body aches and my heart it hurts, I’ve long found out the drugs don’t work”.



  1. Dead Man’s Shoes
  2. Portrait Of Red
  3. Just A Ride
  4. Out Of Mind
  5. Bang Bang Bang
  6. Lost Weekend
  7. Running For My Life
  8. Dressed To Kill
  9. My Little Girl
  10. Takin’ The Blame
  11. You’ve Got Your Money, I’ve Got My Soul
  12. Ends Don’t Mend

Final Verdict

All in all King of Conflict is a brilliant rock ‘n’ roll record, full stop.