The Moonstones are a Spanish band formed in Madrid in 2005  under the pillars of the garage-rock genre. Influenced by several mythic bands like The Cynics, The Sonics or The Chesterfield Kings, their new album “Fuzz, Farfisa y Fiesta” collects their particular sound doused with all the 60’s, garage and rhythm&blues style. An energetic and diverse work that has been recorded in Circo Perrotti Studios with the help of Jorge Explosion (Doctor Explosion), and where we can find some punk, pyschedelia  and rock aftertaste. Their powerful and dynamic live has made them tour abroad Spain and share stage with bands like The Hi-Risers, Wild Evil & The Trashbones, Muck orThe Jim Jones Revue among many others.

Know a bit more about the band through this interview and follow them on Facebook and Bandcamp.

– How were your beginnings in the music world?

The band was formed in 2005 and the line-up has been changing through the years. The music industry is not an easy issue, but we face it with a lot of illusion.

– What story is behind that name?

Well, The Monstones remind us of  The Rolling Stones, Fuzztones, Dead Moon, the night and everything that is related to it: party, vampires, werewolf and that dark side we all have.

– Which are your main musical influences?

We love 60’s and Garage style: The Sonics, 13th Floor Elevators,The Seeds,The Music Machine,The Remains. Then 80’s bands like The Miracle Workers, The Cynics, The Chesterfield Kings…

– ¿What can we find in this new album “Fuzz, Farfisa y Fiesta”?

As our name says, in this first record FFF, we can find a lot of Fuzz, a lot of Farfisa and, specially, a lot of FIESTA! It is a diverse album having in mind its concrete genre, and you can find themes with some Bo Didley aftertaste, others close to psychedelia, others close to punk, but always within the garage-rock yardsticks. You will find harmonicas, maracas, tarmbourines and vocal armonies that shape energetic songs. The result is a powerful album made for being played live.

– ¿How was the experience of recording in the Circo Perrotti Studios by the hand of Jorge Explosion and in what way did he influenced the sound of the album?

It was a great experience. It was not the first time we entered a studio, but it was in the sense of working in such an important one. We were really enthusiastic about it. Besides, working with Jorge was such an honor. He got out the best of us, contributing with new ideas and details to the album.

– Do you remember any special concert in your career? Which was the best audience you had?

We remember loads of concerts. Playing with musicians you admire it is an awesome feeling. There are a lot of concerts to choose only one. About the audience, we have always had great ones. It could be a big or small one, but always really committed.

–  Any place where you would love to play?

We would love to play in Mexico where there is an important garage scene. North America and UK would be great too.

–  Last records you have bought.

The Revellions -THE REVELLIONS
Tres Hombres – ZZ TOP

  How do you see the Spanish Musical panorama after the rise in the VAT and the current economical crisis we are going through?

Well, we move ourselves in an underground scene so we have always been far from the industry ups and downs. Talking about the Spanish underground scene, we have tos ya it is really active and there a lot of gigs, parties etc. People are faithful and always go to the concerts an buy a record.

– Is the first time do you play abroad?

No, it was not, but we have never been so many days abroad like this last time. The tour lasted  5 days and we played in Lille (France), Köln, Erfurt and Dresden (Germany) and Retie (Belgium).

–   What was the audience’s response like in those countries?

The welcome has been really good in all the countries. Specially in Köln, where we met old friends (we played there last year in the Ballroom Bash Festival).And in France we counted with the presence of the singer of Sheetah et les Weissmuller in the public. It was very special.