Say hello to the odd couple of indie, husband and wife Holly Ross and David Blackwell form the duo The Lovely Eggstruly the King and Queen of quirky. Wildlife, out next week, is their third album chucked full of unusual / bizarre lyrics, lo-fi distorted guitars, the occasional sitar and Holly’s brilliantly catchy Lancaster accent.

At points the bizarre lyrical content is stretched to the ridiculous, as if they were lifted from a child’s nursery rhyme “lobster on a leash.” On the other hand Wildlife does have some catchy choruses to compensate.

The opening track and first single from the album is ‘Allergies’, it starts life as simple pop song and sounds a bit weird because of the lack of bass but as the distortion kicks in the track comes to life. The short but catchy chorus of “ You’ve got allergiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies” punctuates the song. The tack ends with a long chorus and the use of a sitar (it sounds wrong on paper, but trust me it works!).

‘I Just Want Someone To Fall In Love With’ starts out as a ploddy love song but with the distorted chorus it works. This track has some of the more bizarre lyrics on the album, but I adore the chorus especially because of Holly’s accent when there’s a short break at the end.

‘Please Let Me Come Mooch Around Your House’ is a track about lazing about the house, it’s a OK song the sitar is back in this track as well. The weird bit is that the last 45 seconds where everything (I mean everything!) is drenched in chorus effect making for slow pulsating musical end.

Wildlife is a good quirky album from The Lovely Eggs, strongly set in the indie world. Bizarre at many points but catchy and interesting in over, fans of their previous work will not be disheartened either.