From a northern coast Spanish town called Salinas (Asturias) comes this young stylist named Cristina Fernández. The summer sunbeams and the frequent winter rain periods have fed Cristina’s designs and creativity turning her style into a very fresh and natural one. A qualification in “Interior Designs” and a Master’s Degree in “Marketing and Analysis of the Fashion’s Tendencies”  are the key elements that have enabled her to collaborate with and be featured in such important publications and events as “2010-2011 Cibeles Fashion Week” in Madrid or Vogue Italia,, Elle EEUU, NY Magazine, Vogue Usa,, Glamour Paris...

The details in her creations are concise and precise; each one in its right place, without attracting your attention too much. But when you contemplate the work as a whole, you notice the great simplicity and smartness of this girl. Coco Channel used to say, “Fashion is like Architecture, it is a matter of proportions.” And Cristina’s proportions are really well measured.

Learn a bit more about Cristina through this interview, but do not forget to follow her blog  (The Petticoat) and her facebook page.

– How did the idea of the blog come up and why that name?

It came as a portfolio to show my personal styling. And about the name, it has always been a word that I love. I love its sound. Besides my mother made me one when I was little and it was a special undergarment for me.

– How was the experience of  working in “Cibeles Fashion Week” (Madrid) or appearing in such important publications as Vogue Italy,, ELLE USA, among others?

Well, working in the showroom and collaborating with Cibeles made me learn about how the Fashion works, specially inside. All its different procedures…in a word: what people do not see when they are watching the show. There is a lot of hard working behind the runway that people do not see. Then, appearing in these kind of publications was amazing. It really encouraged me a lot to continue in the Fashion world. There was people that appreciated and shared my Fashion vision and that was very comforting. Being photographed by Tommy Ton or appear in Vogue or Elle…well you can imagine how wonderful it is for people who love Fashion.

– How did the latter influenced on your creations/style? Do you have other influences/inspirations?

My trip to Paris made me recover the illusion, the hope for Fashion, which I have lost a bit some years before working in the Madrid’s showroom.  When I was working there I missed something and definitely I found it in Paris. Paris is Fashion. You can see it in its streets or simply watching people going out from Channel after the Fashion Show. I still remember the first day I saw that. I was so impressed… I have several inspirations as Isabel Marant, Balmain and this season specially Balenciaga. But well, my influences are not very concrete. I wear what I feel like, no matter if it is a seasonal trend or not.

– Who are your main influences as designers?

Isabel Marant (France), Balenciaga (Spain), Chloé (France), Céline (France).

– And your favorite low-cost shops?

Topshop, Asos, Urban Outfitters and a lot of vintage/second handed shops.

– How you get inspired at the time of creating your compositions? Any place/city/village, any kind of music?

Actually I do not have any particular ritual at the time of getting inspired. I lie down in my bedroom’s carpet and I start to think. People usually inspire me. Unknown people or for example my cousin.

– The best city to go shopping is….


– The best accessory is…

This season: jewelry.

– The materials of this season are…

Black leather.

– Given your education in “Interior Designs”, do you think houses are as easy to decorate as people?

Funny question. I think they are connected. They way you dress is connected with the way you decorate your house. So well, they are both easy for me.

– Any fetish garment/accessory?