Imagine a stage, if you will, with multiple instruments and microphones but only one man.  He steps to center stage and starts plucking on his violin and after playing it for a few measures, puts it on a loop.  He does this again and again, alternating between plucking and playing- and more notably whistling- until he sets his violin down and turns to get his guitar.  Right before your eyes, Andrew Bird has just single-handedly built a song.  His voice carries a note of longing, and almost mourning, as he begins to sing.

While what I just described is him playing solo, he does the same thing in this new track, ‘Three White Horses’, with a little help from his friends.  His new album, Hands of Glory, was built to be the musical companion of his last LP, Break It Yourself.  What can you expect from said companion?  You’ll hear a combination of a cover of a classic country song, a new track, and re-workings of songs from the last album that have been re-named.  It feels more traditional than previous releases of his but it still carries his trademark sound.  People who already fans of his won’t be disappointed, and for those who don’t know him yet, this is just as good a time as any to get acquainted with him.  Catch the new video for this track above!

Much love,