Can you imagine Ringo Star, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Ron Wood, Muddy Waters, Neil Young, Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton, Ronnie Hawkins, Emmylou Harris all together in the same stage with The Band? Martin Scorsese could imagine it and made it real. “The Last Walz” is a great documentary about the last concert of The Band in 1978. The Band is a  canadian folk-rock group that started in the early 60’s with the collaboration of the rockabilly singer Ronnie Hawkins and then as a supporting band for the Bob Dylan’s U.S.A. tour in 1965-1966. With ten  studio albums, a big number of concerts behind them and a powerful and precise sound full of rock, folk and country reminiscences, The Band was inducted in the “Canadian Music Hall of Fame” and “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” and Rolling Stone ranked them No. 50 on their list of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”.

Not only the numerous awards in ther long carreer prove that they are one of the most important rock&roll bands of our time. Musicians like The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Elvis Costello, Led Zeppelin, Wallflowers or Black Crowes have recognised the influence of The Band in their compositions. “The Last Waltz”  is a very good way of being introduced to their music. Scorsese captures the moments behind the scenes perfectly: the group talking about their beginnings and their different anecdotes and how they feel  about the end of almost twenty years working together. Besides all of this, we can wallow in some beautiful songs and an incredible live show seasoned with the presence of some biggest music stars of that time. What else?

Note: this film is not only for rock&roll fans, it is for anyone passionate about music.