Good thoughts, great feelings and inspiring action to help others unconditionally and compassionately, go a long way. There is a lot of “Earth Angel” work going on out there at this time which is making a difference. Such as, a creative initiative: a community restaurant by the name “Soul Kitchen” in New Jersey (US), funded by the rock star Jon Bon Jovi. It’s a place where there are no prices on the menu; customers donate to pay for their meal and if you are unable to pay for your meal, then you volunteer at the restaurant. The place is very welcoming in which you’ll find people from all walks of life.

Nowadays, the news, whether international or national, doesn’t put much effort in sharing the good news around. Going beyond this trend, I believe it time to focus a lot more passion and energy on the good. So luckily, I had the honor to get in touch with the rock star directly, some days ago asking for permission to use his photo for this article to spread the word about Soul Kitchen. I am a dreamer, but hopefully, the rest of the world could follow such acts of generosity that inspire teamwork, openness and a sense of community.