Jean Marc Vallée’s C.R.A.Z.Y. is one of those social family dramas with a pinch of humor that everybody would like watching. The plot is not very complicated: it tells the story of a boy since his childhood until his adolescence during the golden ages of the world music: 60’s-80’s. For that reason, the music is one of the main characters of the movie. The Rolling Stones, Patsy Clane, Charles Aznavour, Pink Floyd, David Bowie were one of the greatest friends of our little boy: Zac. His family is the typical reflection of the 60’s american society: 5 brothers, an affectionate mother who loves cooking and a bit severe and reactionary but noble father. This environment shaped Zac, he developed something different from his brothers. Besides his passion for music and art that nobody ever had before, he was sexually different: he was gay. He was gay in a period of ignorance about the issue. People were confused about how they really felt, including Zac. For that reason he tended to repress his real sexuality and hide it from his parents, specially from his father. Great interpretations and a correct script bring this daily drama to life. If you are a oldie’s music lover, you will love twice.