You’re watching a debate and have a brilliant insight that you believe the world should hear.




If there’s one thing this country is lacking, it’s people making political commentary. It is your duty as an American to voice your opinion… nay, your objective truism… right as it pops into your head. And what better place is there to demonstrate your incisive analytical abilities, worldly insights, and cunning wit than on the website of our time? According to Facebook, Facebook has roughly 1 billion daily-users.* While it would be better if all 1 billion of them could know of your brilliance, you’ll have to settle with the 1,000 or so friends you care enough about to have clicked “confirm.” But don’t let that deter you! You never know, maybe someone will find your post, plagiarize it, and then it could be retweeted and re-retweeted into infamy!

Beyond it being your civic duty to widely disperse your opinion, here are some other reasons why updating your status with political commentary is a good idea:

  1. Because no one else has thought of what you’re posting before.
  2. Because it will bring the lolz.
  3. Because it’s likely to spark high-minded, productive, and inoffensive debate among your friends and colleagues.
  4. Because Godwin’s Law is not real, so there’s no chance this will devolve into people comparing the other party to Nazis.
  5. Because all of your friends are waiting with bated breath to hear your thoughts on the matter.
  6. Because you need to take a break from posting about your wedding and/or baby.
  7. Because your post will probably change the minds of those who disagree with you.
  8. Because you’re enraged and need to vent about it in a safe space.
  9. Because you got too drunk playing a debate drinking game and can’t be expected to filter your thoughts.
  10. Because you want to show that girl/guy you like that you are a politically aware and thoughtful person who watches debates and is capable of forming opinions about them.
  11. Because someone else posted a hilarious meme and you want in on that action.
  12. Because the other party’s candidate is clearly lying and should be exposed.
  13. Because you’re right.
  14. Because you believe in the power of social media.
  15. Because you actually work in politics.
  16. Because your name is Barack Obama.

So post-away, my politically savy friends! I can’t wait to read all of your updates!

*Check it out! I actually looked something up this time!