It’s not very often two acts who are at the top of their game come together to blend genres, but The Black Keys and Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA have paired up to produce possibly one of the coolest sounding tracks ever. Quentin Tarentio is to blame for this as the track titled “Baddest Man Alive”, which will be used in his new film “The Man with Iron Fists” set to air later this October. (Watch the trailer below)

The Black Keys have been described by many as “the band who were born in the wrong decade”, getting their inspiration from the sounds of Isaac Hayes. But this has not stopped them going against the grain and producing their own style of hard hitting blues rock music. It’s this sound and old style music production that has given The Black Keys their very dedicated fan base which has gradually developed over time. The band have insisted in doing things the hard way by relentlessly touring and playing any venue no matter what the size, to get where they are today. In their early career they famously turned down huge sums of money due to their paranoia over what their fans would think. It is this type of attention to detail that has given them their success and they are now set to take over the world in their own unique way.

RZA and Wu-Tang Clan are very much a different group of people. This eight piece rap group from Staten Island, New York, formed in 1992 and have just powered their way into the rap legends category, by being very much controversial  both in their style of music and lyrical content. They have essentially caused trouble to keep themselves in the headlines and getting the commercial backing to their music, but this has not stopped them from smashing the charts with their music.

This track Baddest Man alive brings together both genres of music and kicks them into a new combination of brilliance. Get listening now.

Much love Peeps x