Braveheart (1995)

How should I even start this. On my list, Braveheart one of the greatest movies of all time, and it just never gets old. I have seen this movie BEEPloads of times, and I think it is one of the most epic/romantic stories ever told and even though the film has a lack of theatrical effects and the history isn’t accurate, it sure as hell didn’t stop me from being mesmerized. For a movie of 1995, they did a really great job!

This is a story about a Scotsman named William Wallace (Mel Gibson) and let me just say, his character was just spot on! This movie really proved to people how good of an actor and a director Mel Gibson is. He deserved all the credit he got for this. Anyway, it’s about William’s fight for the freedom of the Scottish people. After seeing the death of his wife Murron at the hands of an English nobleman and I have to add that it is such a powerful scene, but also the scene that I hate the most, where Murron is desperately seeking for Wallace and then gets killed, just like that, like she didn’t matter at all. After that William Wallace is determined for a revenge, which quickly turns into a crusade for freedom.

It’s a very intense movie and you might feel very exhausted after the almost three hour movie, but it’s all worth it and I usually end up sobbing at the end of course, when Wallace screams FREEDOM and he sees her murdered wife Murron in the crowd. Sounds really lame but it just always gets me, some movies just do.

The most memorable scene in the film for me, was not any of the action scenes but the scene where Wallace and Murron are sitting in the woods, on this mountain/hill, call it whatever you like and they are talking after years apart. William has all these cheesy lines but it just kinda fits there. You can clearly see from there that they just belong together and the breathtaking music playing in the background, I just get chills every time I see it. The music in the movie just adds so much to the whole concept.

The movie does have a lot of tense moments in it but the good thing about this film is that there were some characters that added comedy to those moments as well, for example the crazy Irishman Stephen (David O’Hara), the most wanted man on his “own” island or Campbell, the old man filled with so much passion and energy. The scene where he punches a guy after an arrow is taken out of his chest is both tragic and hilarious. His son Hamish Campbell is also one of my favorites, the big guy with an even bigger heart.

Princess Isabelle didn’t have that much of an effect on me. Her romance with Wallace wasn’t as real as it was with Murron. I felt really sorry for Isabelle but that’s pretty much it and it seemed to me that Wallace wasn’t really that much into her, guess you never really get over your first true love, right.

There is just a lot in this movie that is just praiseworthy and I can just go on and on about it. It’s really hard to put the feelings I get from this movie into words. I don’t care what anyone says, I will forever love Braveheart!