Here is 5♥♬ (part 5):

Kanye West – Clique feat. Big Sean and Jay-Z (Groundisalava remix)

The Louis Vuitton don has released yet another single from his upcoming Cruel Summer, and the original track briefly references his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s maybe-stolen-but-more-likely-deliberately-leaked-by-Kris-Jenner-to-create-her-career sex tape (“my girl a superstar all from a home movie”). This remix from Groundislava of the WEDIDIT collective strips out all of the lyrics except Big Sean’s hook to focus on the percussive elements of the song. Groundislava does some cool things with the pan, so listen to this one with headphones.

How to Dress Well – & It Was You

I’ve been waiting for How to Dress Well’s  Coexist for months now and the project finally drops on September 12th (although I, being the internet superstar that I am, have had my copy for a few weeks now). Tom Krell, the genius behind HTDW, is perhaps a little too obsessed with early 90s R&B, but I think he’s a much better heir to Michael Jackson than Justin Timberlake ever was.

Lapalux – The Hours

My new favorite producer from Essex, Lapalux songs are perfect for 3AM hanging out with that special someone. He has a new EP, Some Other Time, coming out October 16th on Brainfeeder Records.

Teen Daze – Union feat. Frankie Rose

Despite all predictions, chillwave is still here post-2011 and Teen Daze demonstrates a surprising grasp on instrumention and production control in “Union,” the first release from his upcoming LP The Inner Mansion. It’s not just synth drone and reverb from the Canadian producer; there’s a hauntingly gorgeous guitar bridge in the middle of this song that makes me very excited for the full album.

Nicolas Jaar – BBCRadio 1 Essential Mix (uninterrupted)

Jaar actually did this Essential Mix months ago, but this is the first time that a recording has been made available without the “RADIO 1!!!” drops and Pete Tong’s interruptions. It’s two hours of dark and fun and beautiful music; basically, the aural equivalent of watching Labyrinth. In case you’re wondering about the narration at the beginning of the mix, it’s famous film score composer Angelo Badalamenti describing his collaborative process with David Lynch over the theme music to Lynch’s show Twin Peaks, while the music plays in the background. Rad.