First post in months, sorry about that, let’s say I was on a summer break…
Good news is that I’m coming back with some pretty über cool stuff for you to listen!

I’m just back from a crazy weekend in crazy Berlin, and I brought a souvenir: Sizarr. I’m going to brag a bit: I basically know about Sizarr because a friend of mine knows them hehe! But I started getting really interested in their stuff when I saw they were playing at the Berlin Festival, which I attended last weekend.

Sizarr are Deaf Sty aka Fabian, Gora Sou aka Marc and P-Money aka Philipp, they formed in Laudau, Germany in 2009.

Even though I knew, and loved, a bit of their experimental pop before the festival, seeing them live really decided me to write about them. The way they feel their music while playing is stunning. They transfer the emotions of their songs a way that not so many bands do lately, since it’s the era of  the “I don’t give a sh*t” hipsterness.

Oh cheesy me! I’m here focusing on a rather tortured love song: Icy Martini.
This song is not necessarily the most representative of their style, it’s slow, soft and the composition is not really complex, but Deaf Sty’s powerful vocals felt like they were burning my heart when I first heard it. It is soothing and painful at the same time, warm and cold, bringing up the tormenting duality of loving.

Here’s a video of them performing Icy Martini in Barcelona after their show at the Sonar Festival. This time I won’t say “Enjoy”, it’s LOVE IT or nothing.


Their debut album Psycho Boy Happy is due on the 14th, it will probably not be in record stores in the UK, but get it via iTunes or Amazon. Check out their website here.