In the middle of the 90’s we were delighted with one of the Richard Linklater‘s early films: Before Sunrise. Ethan Hawke (Jesse) and Julie Deply (Céline) starred this beautiful love story. A young girl and a young boy that know each other in a Budapest to Paris train. He is American, she is French. They experience such a strong connection that decide to spend their last day of the trip in Vienna. This European scenery was the witness of their love story. A love story that expired in 24 hours. Intimate and captivating.

Ten years after comes Before Sunset. This time Linklater chose Paris. At the middle of the 00’s the couple met each other by chance in the french capital. Doubts came up. Questions that were not answered before and maybe that was the right time to solve them. Another deep and emotional film with and even more intimate script that the first one.

And now we have heard that Linklater returns to the romantical attack with a third sequel: Before Midnight.The film is almost-done, ready to the post-production process and it will open next year. The chosen scenery that time has been Greece. What adventures and misfourtunes will live Jesse and Céline’s relationship in the Hellenic Islands? We have to wait until 2013 to discover it so keep a look out for this movie because I am sure that Richard will not disappoint us.