“Tapes” is the stage name for an electronic/glitch producer based in Knoxville, Tennessee. With a sound that shuffles along and builds upon itself in a manner reminiscent of Baths, How To Dress Well, and Washed Out, this short EP gets in your head and takes you on an atmospheric ride. It has a liquid quality to it, and Tapes uses samples extremely intelligently to create beats that tell a story.


As of now, Tapes is choosing to remain anonymous, letting the quality of his work speak for itself.  Keep an eye out for this extremely promising artist, who has self-released all of his work so far. Surely, some label is hot on his tracks, and ready to snap him up soon. Or at least, they damn well better should be!

Check out the rest of the “Wildlife” EP at http://soundcloud.com/tapesmusic-1