When you watch a band over a few years who continue to grow and produce amazing music, it is an absolute pleasure when a new song it recorded does not disappoint. Frightened Rabbit are one of those gifted groups who have continued to slog it out the hard way and generate a fan base through relentless touring and hard-work. Brought together nine years ago in Selkirk, Scotland, now lead singer Scott Hutchison had began performing solo but quickly realised that although acoustic guitar was his chosen sound, he wanted more depth. Instantly his brother Grant was brought in to play drums and as he was “the loudest drummer“, Scott knew he seemed ideal to fit into the puzzle. But Frightened Rabbit was not yet complete so over the following couple of years more members were brought in; guitarist and bassist Billy Kennedy, guitarist Andy Monaghan, and guitarist and keyboardist Gordon Skene now complete the “Frabbit” lineup.

Now fully operational this group of Highlanders have given a new direction to music showing that bleak can be beautiful. Their unique outlook on the world has always shown that their can be hope even in the darkest, saddest times in life. Songs from FR are more tales about the struggles of life and that although things can be hard, you will always find some way to pull through.

Frightened rabbit are the kings of Scotland when it comes to wholesome vocals, and gritty live performances, in their last tour they chose to ignore the traditional tour routes instead opting to tour tiny venues in the highlands of Scotland. by doing this they could pack local pubs, clubs and bars to the brim full of fans who would not normally get the chance to see them. This dedication to allow everyone to access them live has made them dedicated to making every live performance something special. With a mixture of folk, indie and acoustic music Frightened Rabbit are most definitely ones to watch now and for the future.

“State Hospital” is the title track from their soon to be released EP and I just cant stop listening. Showing a different style to their normal patter Scott Hutchison sings in a style similar to that of Bob Dylan choosing to tell a story of character on the brink of suicide. Although a terrifying reality the song ends on an uplifting feel fulling you with admiration for the character. I cant wait to hear the full EP which is available to Pre order here.

Be sure to check out what else this superb and have to offer and get excited to see them appearing all over the UK at the end of the year. 😀