The Hill and Wood – The Call

With this incredibly beautiful video directed by Charlotte Hornsby and Paul Wheatley, the Hill and Wood are making a statement on  a national stage. Emerging from Charlottesville, Virginia’s fertile arts and music scene, this five-piece have a sound that is already too big for their humble origins, of countless hours spent playing in the space next to The Hill and Wood Funeral home. Despite the macabre inspiration for their name, the band has finely crafted a rich, colourful sound, that carefully builds layers upon layers.

With a feeling reminiscent of The Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, Beirut, and The Civil Wars, The Hill and Wood have nonetheless forged their own identity and cultivated an avid following. I have had the pleasure of meeting their lead singer and songwriter, Sam Bush, and not only is the Boston native supremely talented, but he remains humble and graceful as ever. This kind of thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and skill translates directly into the music they make. It is worth listening to if only to appreciate the work of five artists who are supremely in sync.

Their first full length release, the eponymous The Hill and Wood was self-released last November, and is available on the band’s website.

It is absolutely worth a purchase, and you should take any chance you have to see them live. Their next show is this Saturday, August 18 in Durham, NC – check it out if you’re in the area!