Here is 5♥♬ (part 3):

1. Flying Lotus – Between Friends feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy

“Between Friends” is yet another great song released as part of the Williams Street Records Singles Program. In case you don’t know, Williams Street is the in-house studio for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block, a perennial favorite of stoners and people who like to watch coarse cartoons at 1:30AM. Flying Lotus, who produces much of the background music for the “bumps” during Adult Swim, teamed up with Earl Sweatshirt and the heretofore unknown Captain Murphy. The internet is still speculating about Murphy’s identity; my personal theory is that he’s several different MCs from Odd Future (I believe I heard the cadences of Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats and Tyler, the Creator) with the vocals modulated so they sound like the same person.

2. Suff Daddy – Drinks

Suff Daddy is a producer from Cologne who makes simple, funky boom-bap chill tracks. In this video, the model is drinking a bottle of Tanqueray underwater. It’s pretty cool. Suff Daddy’s 29-track instrumental tape, Suff Sells, is available at his bandcamp.

3. The xx – Angels (Mirrors Remix)

Although the band has remained oddly quiet for the past few years (except for drum programmer Jamie xx, who has been involved in the production of Gil-Scott Heron’s and Drake’s albums), bits and pieces of The xx’s new album Coexist are starting to emerge. “Angels” was released via YouTube about a week ago and, as is often this case in this genre, remixes have been created almost immediately. This interpretation by Mirrors doesn’t change the overall structure of the song but simply adds a bit more to the drums to take it from “Oh Boy, this is pretty” territory to “Oh Boy, this is pretty and I can’t stop nodding my head.”


Hudson Mohawke helped produce the Kanye West/2 Chainz/Big Sean/Pusha T megahit “Mercy,” and you can hear a bit of the same deep, watery kick drums on this self-titled EP by TNGHT, a name adopted for the collaboration between Mohawke and producer Lunice. Lunice adds, predictably, just the correct amount of crazy in sample choices. At times, the songs sound like they’ll veer into Trap territory but then the drums will totally drop out and the production slides off into a screwed version of Jungle. You can stream the entire EP on YouTube or buy it from iTunes.

5. DJ Sliink’s Boiler Room Mix

I love it when DJ mixes are recorded live and you can hear the crowd faintly singing the lyrics to the song playing. This happens several times during this Dutch DJ’s performance at a recent Boiler Room party as he navigates through 90s R&B, contemporary Hip Hop, House, and Trap. His only mistake in my mind is playing the G.O.O.D. Music remix of “I Don’t Like” instead of the original Chief Keef version. The latter is far more gully.