It looks like this is the year for Literary Classics in Film…

‘Gatsby? What Gatsby?’

A spectacular and refreshing adaptation of what is possibly the most famous modernist writing. Whereas it leaves no doubt about Baz Luhrmann’s ability to portray that special crazy drive of the jazz age, still makes you wonder if anything of the Fitzgerald’s original masterpiece itself is going to be made explicit in the movie — apart from the destructive love story. Nevertheless, the cast is impressive: DiCaprio, Maguire and the indie sensation of late, Carey Mulligan. Out this Christmas.


‘A woman without honour, and this is what you want. Do you know what you want?’

‘Oh god, here comes another Keira Knightley period film’. Despite the fact that you can hardly see her in any other role apart from this typical agonising lady with romantic issues, which could make her a rather ineffective Karenina as we’ve seen it all before; despite the fact that the choice of male actors can make us doubt the logic of Karenina within the narrative because many wouldn’t see how Aaron Johnson is more appealing than Jude Law; despite all difficulties of making a Russian 19th century novel relevant and watchable in 2012, I have great faith in this production. After all, this is so far the most pretentiously glamorous attempt at Tolstoy. Out this September.

The only people that interest me are mad ones’.

Quite probably a disappointment according to two groups of people: those with a strong belief that the cult books like this cannot and should not be made into films as it is an inappropriate medium to convey their significance, and those who hate Kristen Stewart. On the other hand, bearing in mind the ‘book is always better’ dogma, why not? If anything, it is going to be atmospheric, wild and artsy treat for young intellectuals. Out this October.