Frank Ocean exemplifies the spirit of the DIY Culture, putting out his debut album “Nostalgia Ultra” via the Internet after his label ignored it.

This is the first in a new series called “Dead Curious Tips.”  Today we present: “How to get your music out there.”

Everyone knows that the internet has made getting your music out there both easier and harder. Easier because you don’t have to rely only on playing coffee houses and record companies to get your sound out there. And harder because everyone else is getting their sound out there too.

What can you do to make yourself stand out though? Or to simply get complete strangers to listen to you play? It won’t happen while you procrastinate on partypoker and Twitter that’s for sure. Here’s a short list of the things you could be doing to help yourself along:

  1. Know your niche – Really think about the kind of music you want to be playing. Going on a TV talent contest is all very well, but you’ll notice the ones with longevity know what they want from their careers. If you play an instrument, do it.
  2. Agent – It’s always difficult to be heard when you don’t have any professional support. Luckily agents know what is good and what isn’t. If they want to represent you they will. Put yourself out there for them to see.
  3. Practice – We know that as a musician it no doubt consumes most of your life. It never hurts get a little bit more practice in though. Always spend time perfecting your craft, and people will take notice. We all know when someone is good after all, even if we aren’t an expert.
  4. YouTube – Put videos of yourself playing up on YouTube and other video sites. If people like it they’ll listen. That’s how Justin Bieber was discovered.
  5. Social Networks – Post links to your work on Facebook or create your own Artist page. The public will know you are a serious musician then, and can become a fan if they so desire by ‘liking’ your page.
  6. Music sites – There are plenty of sites just like this one who are happy to promote newcomers to the music scene. Because we understand how difficult it can be to get your sound out there and noticed amongst the millions of other musicians trying their hand at the business.