Mike Patton has had a long career. A long and versatile career. Without forgetting his important work with Faith No More, he has also been part of other bands like Mr Bungle , Tomahwak or Fantômas between others and he has collaborated with many artists including Björk, Team Sleep or John Zorn.


But my favourite Patton work is the album “Mondo Cane”. In 2007 he started a little tour in Italy where he covered some Italian pop classics with an orchestra and he recovered the 50’s and 60’s music culture of this country. Three years later he decided that this tour should be recorded and he released the album “Mondo Cane” which was a big success in the “Billboard Classical Albums”.

His stage aptitudes are undeniable. He has an amazing and chameleonic voice. The creation and curiosity are his main virtues. He likes to explore into new styles and sounds and that is what makes an artist a complete one. It is a pleasure to watch this rock and avant-garde singer surrounded by elements that maybe a priori do not fit with his style: classic pop and folk songs, a classic suit and a clasicc orchestra behind him. And the pleasure it is to see how good he manages himself in this new “habitat”.

If you want to check all of this just watch this video I have chosen: “Senza Fine” a 60’s italian song whose composer is Gino Paoli.