This being (almost) summer, it’s time to discuss the perfect beverages for travelling. Going from a near sea-level, high humidity environment to the dry, high-altitude air of that plane to paradise is quite the trying experience. When flying, parched throats can, however, be easily avoided by following these easy steps making the perfect Campari and Soda…

1) Enquire if your airline serves Campari, if yes please skip to step 4.

2) Purchase 100ml opaque travel bottles to fit in your toiletries bag.

3) Fill said bottles with Campari, and place your ‘toiletries’ in your carry-on bag.

4) Have a pervert stare at your naked image after having to wait for an hour at security.

5) Proceed to your gate, only to see that your flight has been delayed another hour.

6) Finally board your flight.

7) Have a fat, smelly, and talkative ‘businessman’ sit next to you.

8) Wait on the tarmac for the next 45 minutes waiting for your take-off slot.

9) Finally get airborne.

10) Order your drink as the trolly gets lodged between the fat man and the seats across the aisle. If the airline answered yes to number 1, then order a club soda or sparkling water (on a posher airline), a cup with ice, and Campari. If the answer was no, then skip the Campari part and get out your toiletries bag.

11) Mix equal parts fizzy water and Campari over ice, and enjoy your drink… until the fat man spills it in your lap.

12) Repeat steps 10-11 as required.