Good Day to you all. Summer looks like its finally here, and some summer tunes are most definately in need. So without any further delay may I introduce you to the ever brilliant Admiral Fallow with their track “The Paper Trench”.

Admiral Fallow are group of frive mucisions from Glasgow in “bonny” Scotland. Formed in 2007 Admiral Fallow have collected members as they go and developed a fresh and clear sound. Using a viety of instruments form flutes and clarnetts to drums and guitar they have created a real natural and beautiful sound.  Since 2007 the band have had some success with their song “Subbuteo” becoming a peoples favourite and also used in a vriety of films. However thier song “Squealing Pigs” was used in NBC series Chuck and was also used in a 2011 superbowl add.

So with great anticipation for another album looming Admiral Fallow have released “Three Bursts in Snow” their second studio album. “The Paper Trench” is taken from this and it encapsulates everything that is great about this album. Their uplifting tempos and melodies cannot fail to bring a smile to your face, but importantly on a hot summer day in the car, they provide you with an excellent driving soundtrack.

If you are a fan of Kassidy, Frightened Rabbit or Arcade Fire you are going you love this and be buying it within a matter of microseconds. Scotish music is on a bit of a high at them monet with many many great bands appearing to burst out form the woodwork day after day.

If you want to find out more and even get a signed album potter on over here to their website

Much Love Peeps x