When I was a child I was a big fan of fantasy movies, but I guess this one is not really for children… Arguably, fairy-tales are more for grown ups than for children in a way. Each of the story has few wisdoms in it, and Snow White is not an exception. “Mirror, Mirror” is an adaption of classical “Snow White” fairy tale, but director Tarsem Singh has come up with some brilliant ideas how to make the story even better.

We all know the life story of Snow White, who has been intimidated and hurt by her stepmother. The Queen, played by Julia Roberts, is a master of PR. Her ruled country has become very poor, but her palace is shining and full of luxuries. This is the moment when representation of well known fairy tale  becomes a ‘reality’. Unfortunately it is present day reality. In many countries there is a huge gap between poor and very rich people. Through the sophisticated manipulation and threat at the same time, Queen demands taxes from poor and starving people, because she wants to make a fancy party, in order to show off to the Prince (Armie Hammer). Actually she has a plan to seduce him, because he has money and he is handsome. Have you ever seen unattractive Prince? However, not always everything goes according to the plan even for masters of manipulation, because Prince has already fallen for Snow White’s charm and he is love. The beauty of fairy tales – you flick and you are in love!

Snow White (Lily Collins) as all Snow Whites who I know, has ivory skin, charcoal black hair and she is beautiful. You can see that Feminism has made a difference, because Snow White is not waiting when Prince will come and save her, instead dwarfs teach her how to fight and to be invincible. Here you get femininity that is not weak. She has a charm and an intelligence, which turns her into the shining star of the film. In the end the evil Queen gets what she deserves, but since she is a strong willed woman, she does not give up by the first failure. Queen comes to the wedding of Snow White and Prince and she brings with her red apple, of course. Poisoned apple is significant part of every Snow White story, but there is a mega turn, which again proves that Snow White is not young and naive girl. Snow White opens the mouth to bite a chunk from the apple, but then she pauses, smiles and instead of eating it by herself, she cuts the slice and gives it to the Queen saying the same words, which Queen once said to her: ‘You should know when you are beaten.’

Tarsem Singh has surprised me with this film and I am really happy that finally femininity is combined with intelligence and strength. Yes, Snow White gets her Prince at the end, and why would not she? She has fought for her life by herself. Prince did not come and wake her up from the death with a kiss. This adaption of Snow White is really different and worth watching. Moreover, it has good jokes.