So I’m having a bit of a love affair with photography at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s just a phase but my eyes seriously can’t get enough.

I love moody landscapes. I love them cinematic in scale. And I love them saturated with colours.

David Benjamin Sherry ticks all these boxes. There’s something simultaneously sincere and supernatural about his images which he bathes in electrified lavender, tangerine and deep blue. His work reminds me of Ryan McGinley but there’s somehow more depth to them.

He was brought up in a fairly liberal environment which he claims to be a hugely formative influence in his work. The iconic landscapes that he photographs are directly drawn from the National Parks of Montana which inspired him to explore ”the Earth and the formation of the land, and how that relates to the human makeup.”

In the age of digital manipulation he is a self-proclaimed “analog purist” which wouldn’t be so outstanding if his carefully staged images didn’t emerge from the darkroom throbbing with such prismatic colours and abstract effects. He very definitely breaks the confines of classic photography and embraces a painterly approach, managing to seamlessly weave together landscape, figure and colour.

He’s on a one man mission exploring “soul and color, pattern and illusion, dark and light, fantasy and legend, dreams and nightmares, demons and angels, the American landscape and sex.”

It’s like looking into a kaleidoscope. Get it on my wall!

All Matterings of Mind Equal One

Lemurian Morning Wood

Stand With Your Lover on the Ending


Lament For Atlantis

Ultimate Earth

3 Suns Rose Before Me

Minted Sensoria