Rachel Hirons’ When Women Wee first wowed and shocked us back in 2010 during Camden’s Fringe Festival. Now it is hosted by the Soho Theatre – an apt environment for a production giving us an unabashed insight into modern womankind’s less savoury side.

The original cast – Amirah Garba, Stephanie Jay, Amy Revelle, Natasha Sparkes and Emily Wallis – is talented, beautiful and a wonderfully balanced ensemble of ladies in both appearance and performances, each taking on the role several characters. A plethora of accents, fashion statements and levels of decorum abound and there isn’t a second’s pause in the hilarity.

The females in the audience will recognise the setting with fondness, whilst perhaps also cringing at recollections of nights out: in which the loos plays a pivotal role in proceedings. Any men watching will get to enjoy a never-seen-before perspective into the fairer sex – a sex they presume not to shit, fart or burp… let alone behave like the ladies in this club toilet.

When Women Wee is daring and rip-roaring and even a little bit feminist in a very original way. Our ladies here may take off their bras – but it’s to get something quite different from equal voting rights! Catch it as soon as you can: on until 19th May at the Soho Theatre, Dean Street.