Concrete Knives @ Rock en Seine '11

I’m going to be a bit nationalist here and to tell you about a French band (yes I’m French, didn’t you notice you had a hard time pronouncing my last name?). I mean, we may have 20% of votants preferring a nearly fascist party, but we still pounded out Daft Punk and Phoenix, so we don’t suck that much.

Concrete Knives is a five-peeps crew from Caen, Normandy (you may have briefly heard about this place in History class, you know: 1944, De Gaulle, soldiers chilling on the beach…).¬†Their music, and themselves, are so filled up with energy that it overflows. A dynamic pop-rock that claims youth (actually their first EP is entitled You Can’t Blame The Youth) and life. Besides, the fact that all the members of the band always sing along gives the impression that their songs are some kind of anthems and you feel like you belong to something while shouting their choruses.

Here’s Brand New Start and check out You Can’t Blame The Youth EP here.

Wanna hear a little anecdote? This track pop out the shuffle mode on my iPod when I was in the cab, moving back to London last fall. Timing was sick: I was getting a new place, starting uni, leaving France behind for real: a proper ‘brand new start’.
Now I’ll shut up.