Hello my friends on the web. I must firstly apologise for my lack of postings for the last ten days as i have moved house and up until this point now have not had the time of day to sit down properly and write some posts. This post will be the first of many this week so lookout for more.

Many of you will know of Jack Penate due to his explosive début album Matinee in 2007, but since then everything has been a bit quiet. His second album “Everything is New” was released in 2009 and failed to make an impact due its solemn dance beats not really satisfying the fans two year wait for new material. Clearly since then Jack has opted to step out of the limelight, get his thoughts together and work on something new.  This track “No one Lied” shows yet another change in direction for his music moving on from both dance and poppy, jumpy, guitar based sounds. Embracing a more mature and natural stance JP is using his unique voice and style to inject passion, sadness and brutal honesty into his music. This uplifting and powerful track is more of journey and has left me wanting to hear what’s coming next.

If you are fans of The Maccabees you will undoubtedly love this and draw up similarities with their latest album. Indie music is still alive and strong and with people like Jack working hard its guaranteed to carry on booming for a few years longer. Lets hope this is a turning point and JP can get back on stage bringing his personality and charm to the masses.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, and if you do download it for free from his website and spread the word. Much Love X