Genre : Indie Pop


It’s funny how everything and everyone is so beautifully complex in this world. Water may be calm, and then have the rage to drown you, someone may be so happy on the exterior, but terribly sad on the inside, as for Princess Chelsea (Chelsea Nikkel), well, the best way to describe this New Zealander is innocent and haunting.

When I first heard Frack, the indie sound blew me away, little did I know that the rest of her album, Lil’ Golden Book (2011), was also full of haunting lullabies. The Cigarette Duet is a song in which she collaborated with Jonathan Bree ,whom she had already worked with previously in a band called The Brunettes. This stood out to me mostly because of the paradoxical state in which she sings about how she can stop smoking, (when it is pretty obvious she can’t because she is addicted) however the music is still so light-hearted with soft beats and velvety vocals – subtly deceitful. La la la la la la…

Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet

Svetlana x