I managed to get Soundcloud to play nice with my mixtape this week, so we have the pretty embedded player. No need to go to another site to listen. As usual, there’s a download link if you wish to take this with you.

chilllllls – the nostalgia mix (download)


1. Cam – Change his occupation as a biological one day friend

I found this gem hidden away on a limited release EP commissioned by the Stussy Las Vegas store. It samples Digitalism’s “Pogo,” which is one of my favorite electro house songs of all time. Take synths from an electro classic and add Swishahouse/Dipset hybrid drums and I’m set.

2. xxxy – I Know This (Can’t Be Love)

I’m fairly positive that this song and the next will be commonplace in clubs this summer. xxxy aka Rupert Taylor is from Manchester, one of the birthplaces of acid house, and you can hear it here.

3. Disclosure – Boiling feat. Sinead Hartnett

“Boiling” debuted on BBC Radio 1 recently and some enterprising individual ripped it from the radio broadcast so that I could bring it to you. Disclosure has an EP coming out on June 4th (which will include “Boiling”) on Greco-Roman Records. Teenagers need to stop listening to brostep and get down with the real shit. Sorry kids, no “drops” or wobble bass here.

4. ASAP Rocky – Goldie

The self-styled “pretty muthafucka” displays unexpected progression in “Goldie.” Rocky always brought plenty of swagger to the party but now reveals previously hidden lyrical complexity. It’s not yet on the level of maybe MF Doom or Talid Kweli but it’s plenty sufficient for his version of Houston meets Harlem fun.

5. Gold Panda – 4

Gold Panda (Derwin Schlecker) says that “4” is a throwaway track that he made on a Korg ES-1 in 10 minutes. Fuck you, Derwin.

6. Mellowhigh – Timbs

Mellowhigh is the name that Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis of Odd Future use when they collaborate. On my list of the best albums of 2011, I included Domo Genesis’s release Under the Influence and pointed out that the one consistently weak aspect of Odd Future releases is production. Here, Hodgy and Domo flex their muscles on the Lex Luger-produced track.

7. Sand Circles – Innercity Haze

I reviewed Sand Circles’s album Motor City yesterday for the site and I can’t get enough of the old-school simplicity. Lofty synths, chunky drums, tape delay: all I need for happiness.

8. The ILLZ – Weightless (Alomar)

When’s the last time you heard a hip hop song that had a two-minute acoustic guitar outro? Various people on the internet also describe The ILLZ’s Delgis Jose Mustafa Rodriguez as a philosopher poet, which is pretty interesting.