Genre: Dub/Electronica

Middleman - Spinning Plates

I got this CD off a promoter in the street outside university a few weeks ago (in Leeds)… Middleman are apparently a pretty big deal. They’re a Leeds-based band, signed but still pretty local, famed for their use of catchy choruses and clever lyrics with underlying bass and jumpy beats.

The story-like lyrics are inventive and unusual to hear – the lyrics kind of reminded me of the Streets’ lyrics – a beginning and an end, with lots of funny rhymes in between. The clever mix of genres and down-to-earth attitude reflects well on this band – they’re obviously cool people and I think that probably plays well in their favour, especially in a city like Leeds!

Having been around since 2006, they’re well known within their genre – they’ve played loads of shows and are frequently mentioned/starred on national radio programmes. The band seem to be so well formed and contactable, I literally do not have a bad word to say about them.. And why would I? They’re from Leeds!

C x