Hello all you awesome people who are wanting to be introduced to some amazing new talent in the music world.  So without any further delay I introduce the very very hotly tipped “Alabama Shakes”. This fourpence from Alabama, USA were formed in 2009 with original and emphatic vocals provided by Brittany Howard. Her passion and trademark gravely blues vocals flood every track and its a massive surprise that someone with this unique style has not been discovered sooner. Other band members Heath Fogg, Zac Cockrell and Steve Johnson are also showing the quality of their playing and delivering a first rate sound.

If you are looking for a band which are very much rock and roll with a more classic guitar playing they are definitely the band for you. They could be compared to bands like Delta Spirit and The Black Keys due to their style of songs and vocal prowess. Its nice to see another band who clearly not interested in the traditional limelight of fame and are doing it because they love making music. Without bands like Alabama Shakes the music industry would be full of fabricated generic pop. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with pop music, far form it. It simply does not try to be different it just wants to be the same as everyone else and although catchy it does not deliver on the “badass-o-meter”.

Their debut album Boys and Girls was released last week and it is brilliant. However it is definitely an album with legs and will grow into something classic over time. On first listen in my car I was unsure on what to make of it all, it seemed a bit trapped in time and limited in progession. However i took in out of the car and plugged in my headphones for an old school listen, and I cannot stress enough what a difference this made. By shutting out everything else you can hear Brittany’s vocals so clear and full of feeling. And this pared with the crisp musical sound generates something very special.  The stand out track for me are “Hold On”, “Hang Loose” and “Heartbreaker” which deliver on every level.

Keep an eye out for Alabama Shakes as im sure this wont be the last we here from them. So get your dance shoes on and shake your limbs to this brilliant band.

Much Love x