They said they wanted to try something different. No microphones. We stepped closer, my toes touching the stage. Everything was quiet and then came the most beautifully stripped version of ‘Weapons’.

That was the first time I had ever heard the song, and it was more than impressive.  That’s why I wanted to share it with all of you.  The Daylights, comprised of  brothers Ricky and Ran Jackson and their pal Svend Lerche, are most well-known for their hit “I Hope This Gets to You” that was never officially released on an album.  (It IS available as a single though, so don’t despair, those of you who loved the song but never obtained it!)  Their debut self-titled album though was stellar.  It contains tracks ranging from the louder get-you-motivated ones like “Black Dove” and “Digital Kiss” to more mellow songs such as “Outsider” and “Quick Fix”.  This track, “Weapons”, I would say falls right in the middle.

I have to say though, there was more than one reason I wanted to share The Daylights with all you readers out there.  The first reason, they are a great band.  The second, The Daylights are now an independent band and they are recording a new album.  To fund the project, they’ve teamed up with Kickstarter, where people can donate money to go to the new album.  But here’s the cool part- if you help them reach their $30,000 goal by the end of this month (April), you get a ton of cool stuff (their whole catalog of work, autographed drum sticks used during recording, handwritten lyrics from the boys themselves, a songwriting session with them, a personal concert….).  So please give this song a listen and if you like what you hear go to this website to help them give us more of what we want:

Much love, you helpful, inspiring people!